1Jan2023: 2024 Presidential Election Prediction - Electoral Votes: Donald Trump Jr. (291) vs Joe Biden (247) (~3mins)

  1Jan2023: Donald Trump Jr. U.S. President #47 (~3mins)


  15Jan2022: President Donald Trump Sr. Speaks at the Save America Rally in Florence Arizona (~95mins)


  25Dec2021: Donald Trump Jr. joins Rick Walker for the very first live audience show at 'The Mansion' to support Turning Point USA (a 501c3 charity). Don talks about his role within the Trump Real Estate Empire, his New Best-Selling Book, his Political Views, and his Love of Memes. (~45mins)

  19Dec2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks at America Fest 2021 about the Radical Left and How to Defeat Them (~38mins)

  19Dec2021: Christmas Greeting From President Donald Trump Sr. (~13mins)


  18Dec2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks with Seb Gorka on Defunding the Police and Liberal Privilege (~9mins)


  12Dec2021: Donald Trump Jr. Wants the United States to Succeed Even Under a Biden Administration (~9mins)

  12Dec2021: Donald Trump Jr. - Democrats Are Trying To Turn Us Into A S-Hole Country (~2mins)


  11Dec2021: President Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly History Tour in Sunrise FL (~55mins)


  9Dec2021: New Yorkers Surprise President Donald Trump Sr. and Donald Trump Jr. with a 'YUGE "TRUMP 2024 - SAVE AMERICA" PARADE BANNER' (~3mins)


  14Nov2021: Donald Trump Jr. Brief Biography (~8mins)

Donald Trump Jr. is the oldest son of US President Donald Trump Sr. and a trustee of the Trump Organization. Donald Trump Jr. joined the business founded by his father as a full-time employee in 2001. Initially tasked with the development of Trump Place and Trump Park Avenue in Manhattan, he eventually took over the direction of new project acquisition and development for the company; while strategically helping his father to become the 45th US President in 2016.


  3Nov2021: Tucker Carlson Originals Documentary: PATRIOT PURGE [Parts 1-3] (~70mins)

Part 1: The domestic war on terror is here - and it's coming for half of the country. Tucker explores how the Biden regime is using the Capitol riots on January Sixth to paint Americans as terrorists. But what exactly happened on January Sixth and how much of what we were told was a lie?

Part 2: The Biden Regime has launched one of the largest manhunts in history. Tucker and his team talk to patriots that kicked in the doors of terrorists that are now having their doors kicked in by the state they once served.

Part 3: Meet the Political Prisoners of the new War on Terror. The accused of January Sixth have endured abuse and months of pretrial detention. And now the War on Terror 2.0 has its first confirmed kill: Slain Unarmed Air Force Veteran Protestor Ashli Babbitt.


  24Oct2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks with Sebastian Gorka on topics such as: Law Enforcement, Socialism, a Failed Biden Administration, and the formation of the TRUMP MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY GROUP and its new Social Media Platform TruthSocial.com (~10mins)


  20Oct2021: Donald Trump Jr. announces the formation of TRUMP MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY GROUP and TruthSocial.com, an Open and Free Communications Platform Giving A Voice Back to the American People (~5mins)


  16Oct2021: Facebooks Zuckerberg Corporate Spending in Swing States Altered the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Outcome (~4mins)

  16Oct2021: Kudlow and (Vaughn Book Author-RIGGED) - Zuckerberg Spent $419 Million, Almost As Much As The Federal Government, to Oversee the Funding and Private Takeover of Government Election Offices in 2020 PDF


  13Oct2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks on the Biden Administrations Failed Policies and Running for US President (~6mins)


  12Oct2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks on President Biden's Failed Presidency (~5mins)


  9Oct2021: President Donald Trump Sr. Speaks at the 'SAVE AMERICA MAGA RALLY' in Des Moines IA. (~117mins)


  6Oct2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks on China's Aggression into Taiwan and President Joe Biden's Weakness Home and Abroad (~4mins)

  30Dec2021: The China Threat - The American Crisis! (~11mins)


  25Sep2021: President Donald Trump Sr. Speaks at the 'SAVE AMERICA MAGA RALLY' in Perry GA. (~97mins)


  11Sep2021: President Donald Trump Sr. Speaks at the 9/11 Ceremony (~2mins)

  11Sep2021: President Donald Trump Sr. Calls America to 21 Days of Prayer (~8mins)


  27Aug2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks On Afghanistan Crisis - Interview at 2021 Texas Youth Summit (~5mins)


  21Aug2021: President Donald Trump Sr. Speaks at the 'Save America MAGA Rally' in Cullman Alabama (~95mins)


  18Aug2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks on the Afghanistan Crisis with Seal Team 6 Veteran Robert O'Neill; Discussions include: 'Woke Media' and the Disconnect between American Politics/Media and the American People (~70 mins)


  12Aug2021: Donald Trump Jr. Passionately Delivers an Energizing Series of 'Call-To-Action' Speeches (Delivered in a Televangelist Story-Teller Style) and Calls For Parents to 'Take Back Your Local School Boards and Put an End to CRT [Critical Race Theory] Indoctrination in our Classrooms' via a nationwide 'Throw/Kick the Bums/Commies Out of Our Schools Campaign'; a Profile in Courage: a Brave Teacher Speaks Out! (~4 mins)

  12Aug2021: Cyber Symposium Recap of 2020 Presidential Election Anomalies and the Subsequent Hastening ChiCom Assimilation of the US Citizenry via Destructive Authoritarian Democratic Party Policies Meant to bring the US population in line with Chinese Communist Policies' (~23 mins)


  26Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Takes Lead in GOP Presidential Popularity Poll

  26Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Takes Lead in GOP Presidential Popularity Poll Slide


  24Jul2021: President Donald Trump Sr. Speaks at the Phoenix AZ Rally to Protect Election Integrity


  23Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Gives an Exclusive Interview in Tampa FL with the 'El American Network' covering Topics such as the US Border Crisis, the Cuban Freedom Protests and Donald Trump Jr.'s Personal Experiences Encountering Socialism at Age Five (~7 Mins)


  20Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Issues a Passionate Plea [Delivered with Presidential Tone] to Save the United States Second Amendment Currently Under Attack!


  18Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks at the Turning Point USA SAS 2021 Conference


  18Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks at the Hildago TX GOP Payne Arena "Breakfast with a TRUMP" (~30 Mins)

  18Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks at the Hildago TX GOP Payne Arena "Breakfast with a TRUMP" Extended Version (~78 Mins)


  16Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks at the Fort Worth Stockyards


  10Jul2021: President Donald J. Trump Speaks at CPAC 2021


  10Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Delivers Passionate CPAC Speech

  10Jul2021: Donald Trump Jr. Speaks with CPAC Audience


  8Jul2021: President Donald J. Trump Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook, Twitter and Google


  3Jul2021: President Donald J. Trump 'Save America Rally' Sarasota FL


  26Jun2021: President Donald J. Trump Live At Ohio Rally


  8Jun2021: U.S. Senate Issues Full Report Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack on the January 6 2021 - A Review of the Security, Planning and Response Failures PDF

  American Insurrection 2021 - HBO Documentary: Four Hours at the Capitol - A Chronicle of the January 6th 2021 Insurrection at the US Capitol (Seen from a Narrow Perspective), when thousands of citizens from across the country gathered in Washington DC, many with the intent of disrupting the certification of Joe Biden's Presidency (87mins)


  5Jun2021: President Donald J. Trump Addresses the North Carolina GOP Convention


  20Jan2021: President Donald J. Trump Final Comments Before Departing Washington DC

  19Jan2021: Farewell Address of President Donald J. Trump

  2Dec2020: President Trump Speaks on the 2020 "Rigged" Presidential Election Fraud - "This May Be The Most Important Speech I Have Ever Made!"

  23Dec2020: President Trump Speaks on the 2020 "Rigged" Presidential Election - "Monstrous Fraud" Gave Biden Election!"

  2Jan2021: "GOP Senators Led By Senator Ted Cruz Challenge Presidential Electoral College Count Demanding Ten Day Forensic Audit" PDF

  4Jan2021: "President Trump Holds Rally In Georgia Ahead Of Senate Runoff Election(s)"

  6Jan2021: President Trump Speaks At Washington D.C. Rally

  6Jan2021: President Trump To Washington DC Protesters "I Know Your Pain, We Had A Landslide Election Fraudulently Stolen From Us, Go Home In Peace, We Love You!"

  6Jan2021: Image Of Washington DC "Stop The Presidential Election Steal" Protesters Outside The US Capital Building

  6Jan2021: Donald Trump Jr. Calls For Calm Amongst DC Protesters - "This Is Wrong And Not Who We Are. Be Peaceful and Use Your 1st Amendment Rights..."

  7Jan2021: President Trump's Response To DC Capitol Riots - "To the citizens of our country, serving as your President has been the honor of my lifetime, and to all of my wonderful supporters: I know you are disappointed but I also want you to know that our 'Incredible Journey Is Only Just Beginning'! ... and I continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters, and to ensure faith and confidence in all future elections".

  7Jan2021: Peaceful Pro-Trump DC Rally Infiltrated By Known Antifa and BLM Agents to 'Blend In' and 'Cause Riot and Mayhem', and ordered to Lead a Siege of the Unguarded US Capitol Building who refused to Lock Down the Capitol building or accept National Guard support previously offered PDF

  7Jan2021: Known BLM Agent John Sullivan Posing As Pro-Trump Supporter To Infiltrate Capitol Riot

  7Jan2021: Video Proof of Peaceful Trump Supporters Attempting to Stop Infiltrated ANTIFA Agents from Breaking Into the US Capitol; Former FBI agent on the ground at US Capitol confirmed that at least one "Bus Load" of ANTIFA THUGS infiltrated peaceful Trump demonstrators as part of a False Trump Flag Ops

  7Jan2021: Eyewitness Video Proof of ANTIFA and BLM Agents Infiltrated as Trump Supporters to Cause Capitol Mayhem and Riot - Trump Supporter: "I was there. ANTIFA was easy to spot even with their MAGA hats. They were starting shit and Trump patriots tried to stop them!"

  17Jan2021: Brother of Activist John Sullivan Tells FBI "226 Members of ANTIFA Instigated Capitol Riot"

  7Jan2021: Eyewitness Video Proof of GOP Congressman Mike Nearman Secretly Letting Protesters Enter Capitol Buildings Back Door"

  7Jan2021: Eyewitness Video Proof of Capitol Police Ushering In Protesters Into the Capitol Building - Trump Supporter: I was there! I saw them breach the outer gates and the cops waved them in. Cops closest to the building ran inside. Cops up top raised both arms in the air and the crowd cheered."

  7Jan2021: Eyewitness Video Proof of Pro-Trump Protesters Calmly Entering the National Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill"

  8Jan2021: President Trump - "The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!"

  8Jan2021: Constitutional Attorney Alan Dershowitz - No Case for Incitement of Riot or Impeachment of President Trump"

  13Jan2021: President Trump Condemns Capitol Violence Calls For Unity


  13Jan2021: Tucker Carlson Fox News - The Republican Party Is Dead And Completely Detached From Their Own Voters!

  13Jan2021: Dinesh D'Souza - It's "GAME OVER" For The Republican Party

  14Jan2021: RIP "Rest In Peace" Republican Party! Born 20 March 1854 Ripon, Wisconsin; Died 13 January 2021, Washington, DC. PDF

  14Jan2021: Lou Dobbs Fox News - "GOP VS The Party Of Trump"


  2020 Presidential Election Fraud Overview

  2020 Presidential Election Statistical Anomalies for Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia PDF

  Evidence of Fraud in Conjunction with Use of Dominion BMD Machines PDF

  15Jan2021: Overview Of Pennsylvania Voters In The 2020 US Presidential Elections PDF


  The Navarro Report Part I: Six Key Dimensions of the 2020 Presidential Election Irregularities - The Immaculate Deception - Part One PDF

  5Jan2021: The Navarro Report Part II: The Art Of The Steal - Part Two PDF

  6Jan2021: Peter Navarro - The Art Of The Steal Video

  13Jan2021: - The Navarro Report Part III: Yes, President Trump Won - Part Three PDF


  Amistad Project Video Report On Corporate 2020 Presidential Election Funding Fraud

  2020 Presidential Election Investigative Video Documentary

  The Plot To Steal America

  23Dec2020: Attorney Sidney Powell Releases Explosive Evidence on the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud via Foreign Interference 270 Page PDF

  2020 Presidential Election - Military Votes Stolen In Multiple Swing States

  30Dec2020: 2020 Georgia Presidential Election Fraud Irrefutable Irregularities Evidence Video

  30Dec2020: Attorney Rudy Giuliani Testifies On Georgia 2020 Presidential Election Fraud Video


  Tucker Carlson - No President Has Been Tougher On China Than President Trump!

  CCP Economy Expert Di Dongsheng - We Can't Fix Trump!

  Gordon Chang on Chinese Election Interference Video

  Gordon Chang on Chinese Election Interference PDF

  The China Threat Is Real And Upon Us PDF

  11Jan2021: Secretary of State Pompeo Warns Lawmakers of the Chinese Communist Party Threat PDF

  Secretary of State Pompeo Warns Lawmakers of the Chinese Communist Party Threat - "China Is Inside Our Gates" Video

  Secretary of State Pompeo Warns of the Chinese Communist Party Threat Video

  17Jan2021: DNI Ratcliffe - China Influenced America's 2020 Federal Elections


  15Jan2021: President Trump's Accomplishments 2016-2020 - White House Report

  President Trump's Accomplishments - Liberty Counsel

  President Trump's Government, Economy and National Security Accomplishments to Date PDF - Compliments of [MagaPill.com]

  President Trump's Top Ten 2020 Accomplishments PDF

  Pragmatic Beneficial Trump Policies That Directly Impact Suburban and Exurban Voters: Trump Ends Obama's Suburb-Killing Forced Housing Rules


  Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition PDF

  The COVID Coup or The Seditious Plot to Overthrow and Steal the 2020 Presidential Election PDF

  The Coming 'Revolution' Coup! PDF

  The 2020 US Election Digital Coup To Steal A Presidency PDF

  Every Legal Vote Counts!

  10Feb2021: Democrats Were Only Able To "Win" In 2020 By Breaking Chain Of Custody Laws In Every Swing State By the "Gateway Pundit"

  5Feb2021: ABSOLUTE VIDEO PROOF OF THE 2020 ELECTION THEFT By Micheal J. Lindell - MyPillow CEO

  8Feb2021: The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved The 2020 Election by Time Magazine PDF


  [The Plot Against The President] (2020) - Full Movie

  [Trump Card] (2020) - Full Movie

  [Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections] (2020) HBO Documentary - Full Movie

  [One Nation Under Trump] (2016) Documentary - Full Movie


  The Trump Show (2020) BBC Documentary:

  [Episode 1 - The Experiment]

  [Episode 2 - A Dirty Business]

  [Episode 3 - The Reckoning]

  [Episode 4 - Downfall]


  TRUMP: An American Dream (2017) NetFlix Documentary:

  [Episode 1 - Manhattan]

  [Episode 2 - The Gambler]

  [Episode 3 - Citizen Trump]

  [Episode 4 - Politics]


  TRUMP Takes On The World (2021) BBC Documentary:

  [Episode 1 - America First Agenda]

  [Episode 2 - Middle East]

  [Episode 3 - Asia]


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